Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Furry Friends on your feet??

Im very disturbed by this. I'm not a crazy animal rights activist but I do care about animals. At least with these booties your feet will be the talk of the town. What do you guys think of this? Would you wear a dead animals foot? Or it's the same thing as wearing fur?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stella Dottir

(Me in downtown trying to model haha)
I was breath taken when I entered her store. What caught my eye was this beautiful cat that was posted in the front. She reminded me of my kitty kat Olivia. Stella is a designer based in LA, with a very unique vintage gothic twist. Stella was being interview when I entered her store but she still welcomed me by placing the most gorgeous feathered hat on my head. Her store is filled with good vibes and I thought she was the cutest thing. I'm def. more inspired to open my own store. Mumzie and I have some projects in the works.

Please check her out at
She's def. someone you want to check out. ENJOY!!

I'm no Uptown Girl

My blood rushes everytime I enter this diverse world of sky scrappers. It's a 90 percent chance I'll be getting a loft there! I saw a few and I fell in Love with the SB Building. But theres still a lot to see!
Here are a few photographs of my day in the beautiful city of angels.

Downtown, Downtown, Downtown.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Im very concerned with this. This awkard weirdly shaped dress is made of bamboo, alpaca fiber, and organic silk. This is exactly the same concept of "fucking for virginity". How are you going to make an "eco friendly" garment if bamboo is close to extinction and this is another reason to kill thousands of bamboo trees just for this hideous idea? Do you agree that our ecofriendly products should be made of something that is hurting more than helping mother earth?The question answers it self. Thank you

Goodwill Princess

I got this new jacket that is to die for . Goodwill is the shit! I love it. Well today I went to Downtown LA to shoot and to my surprise the night life is more alive and up now a days. The city of angeles lifts my spirits. I walked in to this very cute boutique. What caught my eye was the vintage barbie paintings! Im going back tomorrow to sell some of my vinatge items. I need to clear out my closet since i might me moving to downtown!! Checking out some lofts tomorrow :]

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Introduction Hello Blogging world

mmhmm. Lately I've been disappointed with the quality of work I'm creating. Fuck . I just have that itch to produce something that something.. inspiration where are you? Maybe i just need fresh air from the mountains. Not to fear a Yosemite trip is in the works. you never know I might come back with a new skirt made out of moth and dead butterflies! anyway I welcome you to my world.