Monday, May 24, 2010

Fabric prisoners

Me and Gaby-- my partner in everything amazing. haha Were a power team ! Eventhough our ideas are always clashing , we make a pretty good dam team! she is so much more classic vinatge mixed with a little bit of marykate? I'm more of betsey johnson mixedd with harajuku if that makes any kind of sense.haha
We used different fabrics as filters but the purple and pink one worked out the best!
More pictures of our different photoshoots.

Cotton Candy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ballet shoes redifined

I'm in a ballet mood this week don't be suprised if everything i post is powder pink and dancer inspired. any thoughts.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ballet inspired Mood board

I'm crazy obessed with making mood boards. I made this one for my fashion illustartion class. I'm designing 3 outfits for children's wear. I guess I'm the only one in my class doing it. Everyone is doing men's wear but I thought it was just to BLAHHHH.
Since I already dress like a kid I Said why not maybe I'll use it in my own collection !

Pretty In pink

I love all these photographs. It makes me want to change my whole wardrobe to pink! I've found a new love with this color and It drives me crazy because before i couldn't stand it! I took these images from audrey kitichings blog .. She always has so many inspirational pictures. Evrytime I look at them I want to design girly things and it makes me appreaciate that I LOVEE LOVEE being a girl.

Alice in wonderland Mood Board

Click to enlarge. Please.
Im making the most adorable queen of hearts skirt for my boyfriends birthday this weekend. Ill post pictures on sunday.


The 60's had it all. The hippie movement, big busses, flower power, high wasted short, psycadellics, and acid prints.
here are a couple images that keep inspired. with much love to you guys ENJOY!

The images below are 60's inspired fashion. What are your favorite looks of this decade?