Monday, February 21, 2011

Jeremy Scott Fall 2011

The new collection of Jeremy Scott's Fall 2011 not only reminded me of what I've been creating in my designs. But he is also inspiration to my life. He is has never been afraid to shape and mold fashion differently and color outside the lines. This specific line is inspired by candy ravers. The rave scene has take over the music industry and now its making its way into the fashion industry. I'm actually happy to see this! The rave scene actually gave me the push and drive to pursue fashion design. Buying an outfit every week was getting pricey and that's why I began to make my own tutus and adding glitter to my wardrobe and not just my makeup. I know many designers can relate to this. I know 50 years from now I will remember that it all started with fuzzy fabric and vinyl skirts. Even though I'm not a Kandy kid and probably was for like 5 parties, I never neglect colors. In fact I end up in the black light section all time. I probably own more tulle than a 80's closet. I will never deny where I came from. This is a beautiful revolution. At first I was afraid that it was becoming too main stream but the true party monster knows that its not only about the drugs. Its about the culture that revolves around the music you listen to religiously, the fashion, your friends. It' a LIFE STYLE.