Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mystical 2010

All of these pieces were made by me.
Theyre part of the mystical collection that are insipired by mermaids, fairies, flowers, moth, and anything you find in the forest. I know mermaids are not part of the forest but hey! they are mystical.
                                                                 Japaneese Doll

Fairy Dress

Ring : Made by me
Purple Mermaid Dress

White ruffle dress

Crochet Tank

Mermaid Skirt and Chain Neckless

Rasta Tank

Headband By: Me

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here comes the bride all dress in Ramona Kavesa.

sO i'M NOT HEARING ANY WEDDING BELLS ANYTIME SOON BUT I THOUGHT I WOULD DO A SHORT BLOG ON WEDDING DRESSES. The two top dresses are MONSOUN and the bottom gowns are RAMONA KAVESA. Next week I'll post pictures of the dresses from my own photography.
Pss. I'm ordering the two dresses like now. So cute.