Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Like many well known designers like Gasoline Glamour I decided to add an extra touch to my stilleto's. Come on and give it a try!

First you will need to gather your materials. If your in a small budget this project is ideal for you.


1. Old pair of shoes or new ones. ( I got both of my shoes for $15 at the mall)

(bow was not included with shoes)

2. Look around your house for any broken jewelry, beads, metal, chains, buttons anything that looks fun ! A great way to get unique things is to buy "junk jewelry'. At its only $5.00 dollars a pound for vinatge items and $4.00 for regular jewelry . I chose two themse for two pairs of shoes. when you have diversity of items it's easier to play around.

3. glue! metal glue, crazyy gluee.

4. Metal Plyers

5.Feathers and Bows

6. scissors

(these are perfect for cutting metal and working with wires. )


1. Start working from the heel up. or from the back straps. it's easier because if you mess up it won't be in the front.

2. Use glue for small beeds and use a metal base for your rhinestones.

3. When you have completed your heels that is when you start brain storming ideas for the front of your heel. This is just me but I like to mix everything together and my design will just fall into place.

With this design my theme was "evil twin sister" This shoe represented the good girly sister and the other shoe was the evil twin. That is why I left all the darker beads for the second shoe.


Do's and Don'ts

1. If working with strappy heels you dont want to attach anything to them for many reasons.

-it can make your starp crunch or shrink and then your foot won't fit.

For Instance:

2. Be careful with the glue. Since it could get messy make sure you place the glue on your bead and pick them up with twezers.preventing your hands from getiing glue and having all these random beads on your fingers!


1. have fun and be creative!

2. Buy all your junk jewelry at WHOLESALERUNWAY.COM

My end result :

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