Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's go to the OPERA

So I finally decided my whole inspiration for my new line. First i thought it was sugar fairies dancing in tutus then it was this whole circus act, then I drifted to Marie Antoinette. After reading about her life and watching the movie a million times, I felt discouraged. Maybe this topic has been touched to much? who knows but i do know that when I walked down that wrong street that hot summer day and discovered a hidden upholstery store. That sold yards of amazing gorgeous fabric with thick vibrant flowers, patterns, and textures for just 2 dollars a piece.AND I didn't even have to work my way through negotiation.  I know this was more than fate it was destiny pocking me with a fat thick needle, telling me this was more than just a trip to buy flowers( I was on my way to get bamboo sticks and decided to take a short cut) anyway back to what I wanted to say all along. My inspiration is the OPERA. but you already knew that. SPRING 2011 marks a new era for classical music.  

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